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Digital Auto Rickshaw Driver

an auto driver has a website, mobile app, 2 TED talks and over 18k followers

Annadurai (35-year-old) an auto driver who runs a share auto on the Thiruvanmiyur-Sholinganallur rote in Chennai. the people who bring that auto got different experiences. Annadurai auto has top-notch facilities like Free wifi, magazines, newspaper, charging point, Tv, Laptop, and Tablets.
Annadurai was born in Peravurani, it’s a small town in Thanjavur District. his family shifted to Chennai when he was just 4. he is running his share auto for seven years. he tries to do something different to his share auto for the customer. first, he added 20 newspaper. that was shocking to customers and Annadurai gives a free ride to all teachers.”Be it doctors, engineers or even the president, they were groomed by teachers and so I respect them,”. He also gives a free ride to lovers on Valentine’s Day, Mothers with their kids on Mothe’s Day, Fathers of Father’s Day. On children’s Day, School Children to enjoy the free ride in his auto.
Annadurai has his Website and a Mobile app, Annadurai is very popular and he also has a Facebook page with more than 18,000 Followers and has given 2 TED talks. Annadurai change the way Autos Work. he tries to change the aspect of auto workers life. “A lot of things have changed today, Except for the auto. Most auto rickshaws are the same as they were decades ago and there is no improvement. I want to bring a change in this area” Annadurai told life beyond numbers.

the main reason for his getting popular is he using digital media and website .the digital media impact his earning and carrier growth
What you’ll be able to notice during this wonderful auto
Anna Durai says that you simply will notice wifi, 40 magazines(weekly, daily, monthly) and regarding 10 newspapers, a laptop, a tablet, AN iPad professional, m-Visa and a card punching machine so you’ll be able to even pay cashless. There also are chargers offered just in case you would like to recharge your smartphone or laptop computer.

On the total, this auto rickshaw may be a complete person. whether or not you’re traveling to figure or returning home, it’s ok to entertain you. anna Durai understands that individuals are a lot of fascinated by luxury lately and he desires to bring that into the globe of auto rickshaws.

Needless to mention, Pakistani monetary unit Durai has recently launched an app referred to as wonderful auto and it helps folks in tracking the location of the auto and alerts them once he’s close. The android version has been free and therefore the iOS version is on its way


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